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Coat Rack and Hats (Missouri 2012 Finds Part 2)

Jenny and I just got back from vacationing in St. Louis and on the way back we some antique stores, including the River Market Antique Mall in downtown Kansas City where I found a great hat rack for only $25. I’ve been looking for a coat rack for a long time and this one looks just like the style I’ve been researching. It has a broken hook, but I’m sure I can find a replacement.

I’ve also been looking for a fedora for a long time and they’ve been notoriously hard to date since it doesn’t seem like they changed much in the mid-20th century, the hats don’t have much information on them, and I’ve learned the condition of the hat is not a good indicator. In any case, it’s been really hard to find hats that fit, regardless of the age, style, and color. But I found one at this place and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Finally, I got Jenny a lady’s hat which looks to be from about the right time (the tag said 1930’s).

Total spent today: $57


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