Monthly Archives: June 2014

Walnut Antique Show Finds

21 June 2014

We made the one hour drive to Walnut, IA where once a year the entire town (population: 776) turns into a giant flea market of antiques.  Their website says about 20-30,000 people visit each year, but this was a first time going so we were excited, especially since they vet the dealers so the quality is there.

I was dead set on getting a chair of some kind, but I didn’t find one.  I don’t think anyone wants to haul a lot of big stuff out to the middle of nowhere.

Anyway, I didn’t leave empty-handed: I picked up a 1940 license plate in good condition, some coupons for ice, and although it doesn’t necessarily fit that well in the room, I picked up a high school “senior handbook” from 1949.  This book was owned by a Helyn Eagle from Clifftop, WV.  I found enough information on her online to know she was either a politician or a secretary for one from at least the mid 60s to at least the early 80s and she’s probably still alive and I think I’ve found her current address.  I don’t know what to do about that though.

Total spent today: $28

A Doctor Play Set Box

14 June 2014

Jenny and I were out and about when we saw a sign for an estate sale so we went and I picked up a box for a doctor play set.

Total spent today: $3