Monthly Archives: August 2012

The Radio, Restored and Repaired

29 August 2012

Just over a month ago I took the radio to Antique Radio of Iowa to get my 1939 Zenith radio restored and repaired. I just picked it up last night and they did a great job of polishing the chassis, replacing the burnt-out tubes, swapping out the old paper capacitors with modern ones, adding a fuse, fixing the dial, polishing the glass, and other little details. The radio plays very well now. I just need to get an AM transmitter to broadcast my old shows to it from my computer. Below are before and after pics.

Total spent today: $346.20

A Mantel Clock

21 August 2012

I’ve been looking for a mantel clock for a long time now and I finally found one on eBay which met all the preferences: a mechanical humpback style clock in good condition from the right period which worked, chimed, had a pretty face, pretty hands, had a key, had a pendulum, and had the original paper instructions intact. ¬†From what I’ve seen on the market a clock with all of those qualities easily goes for upwards of $200. ¬†This clock has a manufacturing date stamp of December, 1932 so it’s perfect.

Total spent today: $65.48