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More Magazines… and a Surprise.

26 December 2012

Jenny and I went to visit my family for the holidays last week. We went to Champaign, Illinois and while there we went downtown to Carrie’s Antiques & Jewelry. I found some Life magazines, all in really great shape from the 1930’s to the 1980’s. They were $5 apiece so I picked up four of them, all from 1940.

I didn’t get around to really checking them out or taking them out of the sleeves until tonight and when I did, I got to see the back covers for the first time. Each one of the magazines is addressed to Mrs. F. K. Robeson Jr. This was a suprise.

The Robesons are a pretty famous family in Champaign. F. K. Robeson Sr. opened what would become Robeson Department Store in 1874; it stayed in business for 116 years, closing in 1990. Check out this article for more info. And check out this article for more about the Robesons. Incidentally, my parents live half a block away from Robeson Elementary School which is next to Robeson Park. So this is pretty cool.

Total spent today: ~$21