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A Desk Chair and a Half Moon Table

20 May 2012

Today Jenny and I checked out a new place in Omaha that just opened up called Lucky’s Vintage and the owner, Jeanne, was very cool. There were a lot of really cool things there and it wasn’t the typical “junk store” we usually see.

I finally found a desk chair which has been a priority for awhile. This desk chair is pretty unique; it has the simple look I’ve been looking for, but also there’s a plate on the back that says “Made by Milwaukee Chair Co. especially for Omaha Printing Co. Omaha, Neb.” That’s pretty cool. And the chair is pretty heavy.

It’s really hard to find any info on the Milwaukee Chair Company, but there is a chair here which has was manufactured in 1914 with the exact same style of plate that’s on my chair; except it says “especially for Rucker-Fuller Desk Co. San Francisco, Cal.”

We also picked up a half moon table which looks very similar to this one and other tables I’ve seen from the 1940s.

Total spent today: ~$41