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Coat Rack and Hats (Missouri 2012 Finds Part 2)

6 July 2012

Jenny and I just got back from vacationing in St. Louis and on the way back we some antique stores, including the River Market Antique Mall in downtown Kansas City where I found a great hat rack for only $25. I’ve been looking for a coat rack for a long time and this one looks just like the style I’ve been researching. It has a broken hook, but I’m sure I can find a replacement.

I’ve also been looking for a fedora for a long time and they’ve been notoriously hard to date since it doesn’t seem like they changed much in the mid-20th century, the hats don’t have much information on them, and I’ve learned the condition of the hat is not a good indicator. In any case, it’s been really hard to find hats that fit, regardless of the age, style, and color. But I found one at this place and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Finally, I got Jenny a lady’s hat which looks to be from about the right time (the tag said 1930’s).

Total spent today: $57

Magazine Racks (Missouri 2012 Finds Part 1)

6 July 2012

Jenny and I just got back from vacationing in St. Louis and on the way back we hit some antique stores in Missouri. One was Artichoke Annie’s about 11 miles outside of Columbia. This place was not your typical “antique store” which has a lot of junk in it; this place had some good stuff.

We found a couple magazine racks and I couldn’t choose between them so I got them both. The larger one is more practical since I already have a lot of things I could put in there and it has a cool drawer. It’s definitely from the 1930’s from my research.

The other magazine rack we found was smaller, but more the style that you’d expect to see and it’s more decorative. But I’m not super-certain about the decade; I’m following my gut on this one.

Total spent today: $68