Monthly Archives: October 2010

Christmas Lights

3 October 2010

By now, you might be wondering why I’ve been getting all this stuff for a room with nowhere to sit; it’s because I have not yet found a sofa or any chairs that I’m sure about. But I’ve been spending hours upon hours on google and in stores looking and my eyes are always peeled just as they were this morning when Jenny and I were on our way to get breakfast. I spotted an old couch in the yard along a busy street that looked like it could work.

After breakfast we went back to the house and I got to take a closer look at the couch. It was a bit too ornate and seemed a bit earlier in style than what I envision, but as it turned out one of the guys that lived at the house was a sort of Christmas decoration historian and he knew a LOT about lights. His name was Leonard and he was very friendly and gave me some good info on what to look for as far as bulbs, tinsel, ornaments, etc. He had some strings of lights, one was probably from the forties and the other two were newer but in the same style so I bought them.

Leonard gave me his contact info and said he might have some more stuff for me to buy early next month as he prepares for a Christmas decoration show in Seattle in mid November.

Naturally, I will have to mostly use bulbs that only look like they’re from the forties for the tree since they burn out and I’m not going to break my back looking to replace every bulb with one manufactured during the period. I think if I stick to the “fat” looking bulbs, it’ll be fine. The wiring is what matters most.

Total spent today: ~$2

A Telephone

2 October 2010

Today, Jenny and I went to A-D & D Antiques in Council Bluffs, IA which is only open on Saturdays and is owned by this older gentleman who seemed very knowledgeable. He had a nice selection of phones and I spotted what is no doubt a Western Electric 202. From reading this awesome guide, it looks like mine was made in 1936. Also, on the inside it says “TEL. CO. PROPERTY” because people used to rent their phones from the telephone company.

Total spent today: $150

Grandpa’s Things

2 October 2010

My parents came for a visit this past week and my mom brought over some of her dad’s things for the room:

  • A pocket watch made in 1927 by the Elgin Watch Company, it still works perfectly.
  • His army “yearbook” from 1942. ¬†Grandpa served in France during World War II.
  • A pocketknife he used in the army.
  • A picture of my grandparents on their wedding day in 1947.