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2010 December

Monthly Archives: December 2010

More Christmas Ornaments and Some Stamps

15 December 2010

Last night I caught up with Leonard for the first time since he got back from Seattle where he went to a Christmas decoration show and sale. I picked up a dozen ornaments and he was kind enough to throw in some stamps. The box the ornaments came in is in great shape.

Total spent today: $30


10 December 2010

I don’t go to the mall often, but I was there today and I noticed that there was a store called American Coin & Currency which sells all kinds of money from different periods so I popped in and they had a good selection of money that would be good for the room so I got:

  • a 1934 five dollar note
  • a 1935 one dollar note
  • a 1937 indian head nickel
  • and a 1939 quarter

Total spent today: $20.81