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A Desk

Today we went out to a couple antique places, one of which was recommended to me by a coworker called Venice Antiques. So we drove out to Waterloo, NE and there I found an awesome desk that looked like it would fit. I asked the gentleman that worked there what decade he thought it was from and he said “thirties or forties.”

I took some pictures and went home; I googled around a bit for a few hours, looking to confirm the date and make sure that this style of desk wasn’t atypical for a middle-class 1940’s American living room. I did find some desks from the thirties and forties with similar characteristics and the more I thought about it and the more I looked at the pics I took, the more I liked the desk. A couple hours later it made a perfect addition to the room. When I took the drawers out to move it, I noticed on back of each was the number 32; does this mean it was made in 1932?

Anyway, I’ve been researching the layouts of typical middle-class 1940’s American living rooms and though they vary almost as much as living room layouts today, in all the pictures I’ve come across of 1940’s living rooms where there was a desk, it was almost always shoved into a corner (case in point: remember where the last present was plucked from in A Christmas Story?). So my new desk was put in the corner and I casually tossed upon it the magazines and matchbooks that I got last weekend.

Total Spent Today: $118.69.


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