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Letters to Santa

I picked up (via an antique-sellers group on Facebook) three letters to Santa Claus that were written by some kids in Nebraska City, NE in 1933.  They’re really unique and in great shape on 7.5″ x 9.5″ paper.

Here is my attempt at transcribing them:

Santa Claus,
North Pole.
Dear Santa Claus,
Since you visited me last I have
tried to be a good girl, and studied pretty hard
in school, so I would like for you to call on
me this Christmas and please bring me the
following gifts:  a pair of green beads, a box
of handkerchieffs, 2 prs of stockings, a wrist
watch, some candy, oranges, nuts, gum, and
some fruit.
Your little friend,
Violet(?) Storger.(?) 


Dear Santa Claus
For Christmas I want a 22 repeating
rifle and a red slede that is the most
important.  And I want two double spring
traps and one single spring trap.
I wan some candy nuts and a football
suit.  I want a hunting knife a hunt vest
and a box of 22 shells
Yours friend
John Harg..(?)


Dear Santa Claus:
I am been a very good boy and
I would like to have a ball mit and a ball
mask football baseball and suit(?) and bat. And
dond’t feargit to stop.  We will have a nice
Christmas tree for you.  If you get stuck you
just call 4930 and I will come and pull
you out.
your little friend
Hoyt Merwin Scharp

Since the last letter had a name I could read, I Googled it and found this sad article about him.

Total spent today: $20


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