Sucrets Tin

8 July 2015

Another Etsy find was this 1941 Sucrets tin.

Total spent today: $8.50

Chauffeur Badge

8 July 2015

I recently discovered that Etsy is a good place to find things for the room.  Just searching for “1940s”, I found some chauffeur badges (i.e. taxi cab permits), but headed back to eBay to get a better price.

Total spent today: $4.94

Bingo Set

26 June 2015

For Father’s Day, one of the things I wanted to do was go antiquing, but instead of going through all the hassle of packing up the baby and spending hours out and about, Jenny and I decided to break out our laptops and hit up eBay.  We found this 1940s Bingo set in perfect condition.  It’s absolutely beautiful and I was the only bidder on it!

Total spent today: $19.50.



9 May 2015

Jenny and I hopped on over to Jantiques in Council Bluffs, IA and they had hundreds of postcards from as early as 1900.  I was really hoping to get some early 1940s Christmas ones, but I couldn’t find any.  I picked up these racy ones though.

Total spent today: $6

Movie Ticket Stubs

13 March 2015

We went to Joe’s Collectibles in the Old Market today and picked up 3 ticket stubs from two showings of Gone with the Wind on May 2, 1940.

Total spent today: $15

Omaha Little Symphony Program

8 February 2015

Jenny and I haven’t been to Lake Manawa Antiques in over a year so since we were in the neighborhood, we popped in and picked up a program for the first concert of the 1941-42 season of the Omaha Little Symphony.  It’s in really good shape and what’s really cool is that there is a list of patrons that include some prominent names in Omaha: Mr. and Mrs. W. Dale Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Doorly, Mr. Eugene Eppley, and others.

Total Spent Today: $10.70

Train Luggage Tags and The Night Before Christmas

26 October 2014

My parents were in town so Jenny and I got a date night while they babysat. We went to dinner and then to the Brass Armadillo which is open until 9pm daily (yay!). I found some cool luggage tags and a copy of The Night Before Christmas, copyright 1936.

Total Spent Today: ~$22

Walnut Antique Show Finds

21 June 2014

We made the one hour drive to Walnut, IA where once a year the entire town (population: 776) turns into a giant flea market of antiques.  Their website says about 20-30,000 people visit each year, but this was a first time going so we were excited, especially since they vet the dealers so the quality is there.

I was dead set on getting a chair of some kind, but I didn’t find one.  I don’t think anyone wants to haul a lot of big stuff out to the middle of nowhere.

Anyway, I didn’t leave empty-handed: I picked up a 1940 license plate in good condition, some coupons for ice, and although it doesn’t necessarily fit that well in the room, I picked up a high school “senior handbook” from 1949.  This book was owned by a Helyn Eagle from Clifftop, WV.  I found enough information on her online to know she was either a politician or a secretary for one from at least the mid 60s to at least the early 80s and she’s probably still alive and I think I’ve found her current address.  I don’t know what to do about that though.

Total spent today: $28

A Doctor Play Set Box

14 June 2014

Jenny and I were out and about when we saw a sign for an estate sale so we went and I picked up a box for a doctor play set.

Total spent today: $3

Astounding Science Fiction (May, 1941)

22 May 2014

My favorite radio show is X Minus One which aired from 1955 to 1958.  X Minus One partnered with Astounding Science Fiction (and later Galaxy Science Fiction) magazine to create a radio adaptation of some of the short stories they published each month.  One of my favorite episodes is an adaptation of Robert Heinlein’s short story, Universe which was published in the May 1941 issue.

So on a whim, I searched around to see if I could find that particular issue.  I got discouraged when I saw this issue listed on eBay, the auction had already ended, and the only other place I could find it for sale had it for $125.  Since I didn’t see any winning bidder on eBay, I emailed the seller who said that no one bought it and he would put it back up on eBay for me.

Listen to the X Minus One episode here.

Total spent today: $43


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